Our Thanksgiving started with the drive up to my parent’s cottage in Haliburton Thursday night. Friday night was our big dinner with the family, and Saturday night was cooking chilli over the fire. In-between we pulled out docks ate more food went for walks and cleaned up around the cottage.

My parents boat is put away for the winter while we drove our boat over to Laurie’s Cottage Havelock way Sunday morning to be stored in the garage at her cottage along with a fleet of other boats. Sunday night was our big dinner there with her family and her four grandparents. What a feast we had in their new kitchen for the first time. Monday was cleaning up around their cottage and fun with Ryder in the leaves.

After Tuesday’s leftovers I will have had turkey 6 times… I feel like I’m growing wings! But, what a great 4 days of cottage time with family and friends.


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Kyle H.

Kyle H.


Each weekend my wife, baby and I climb into my Chevy Colorado... aka the white sheep… aka the cottage vehicle and drive up to the cottage in hopes to make it up before the sunset or in time for a quick ski or for dinner. We are really hoping to fit in all three! But, if we don't get it all in Friday night, we still have the rest of the weekend to do that plus… play games, BBQ's, see friends and family, campfires, swimming, skating, tobogganing, beers, pranks, boating, cliff jumping, rope swings, water falls, river rides, fire works, relax and so much more! I love the cottage and everything that goes with it.