Friday after work, decided to check out the trails after previous January thaw. Temperature was just below freezing so we topped up with gas and set out on the south trail to Havelock and stopped at Woody Burger for beverages and nachos. The trails were icy with just a dusting of snow so very fast and still good coverage. Even the shoulders of the roads had enough snow coverage allowing us to get from trail to trail. The stop at Woody’s was a great way to unwind after work. We headed back to the cottage afterwards and started making plans for Saturday given we still had good trails. Saturday morning we headed back to Havelock on E107, and then east on the old rail line, stopping at the Callaghans Rapids trestle to see one of the prettiest views in the area. The Crowe River is always open at that spot and I’m always reminded of the canoe trips in summer on the same river and passing under the trestle in our canoe.

Eastwards we continued until we arrived at the junction with E106 and headed north through the old mine property, crossing #7 and up to Station Road. I was hoping we could take a short jaunt west on Station Rd and get to Bunker Hill restaurant. With some coverage on the road shoulder, we were able to reach Bunker Hill and have some of their famous Minestrone soup. Delicious. With friends coming to the cottage for dinner, we headed back the way we came and arrived back in time to start dinner and enjoy our evening with good food and friends by the fire. Though we lost some snow with the thaw, we’ve maintained good trails and had a great day outside. Thanks to the trail groomers who keep us going on Ontario’s best trails!

Cheers, Peter

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