A sure sign you are at the cottage comes from hearing the call of a loon in the evening of a warm summers day. They are peaceful habitants of the lake that are graceful to watch from the shore as they cruise by. We often see them calling out to each other and in an instance they are gone. Diving under water, no doubt searching for food and traveling several hundred feet in mere seconds to do so.

I was fortunate enough to take a couple close up shots and a video of a mother and her chick as they swam close to our boat in the narrows of Kawagama Lake.

Here are some fun facts about loons:

  • Loons are very poor walkers. Their feet are located further back on there body allowing them to move seamlessly through the water

  • Loons generally have a very long take off for flight. Larger loons have to swim into the wind to get the appropriate lift, much like a sailboat raising its sail into the wind.
  • They often migrate to coastal waters

  • Loons can live up to 30 years
  • They can hold their breath for as long as 90 seconds while underwater
  • Loons have great sight, especially under water. They use this to find their prey consisting mainly of fish, crayfish, frogs, snails, salamanders and leeches
  • You may find that Loons are more common on clear lakes because they use there sight to find food

  • Loons nest during the summer on the shores of large ponds and freshwater lakes

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Kyle H.

Kyle H.


Each weekend my wife, baby and I climb into my Chevy Colorado... aka the white sheep… aka the cottage vehicle and drive up to the cottage in hopes to make it up before the sunset or in time for a quick ski or for dinner. We are really hoping to fit in all three! But, if we don't get it all in Friday night, we still have the rest of the weekend to do that plus… play games, BBQ's, see friends and family, campfires, swimming, skating, tobogganing, beers, pranks, boating, cliff jumping, rope swings, water falls, river rides, fire works, relax and so much more! I love the cottage and everything that goes with it.