Hotdog Spiders

Turning your hotdogs into spiders…

One of my favourite things to cook over the bonfire at the cottage was hotdogs. But, this story is about spiders, something even better than that. Now, these are not just any regular hotdogs… these hotdogs would turn into spiders!! And not only that, they TASTE so much better than any old bonfire hotdog. When I was young my mom introduced me to spiders and they have been a hit ever since. I have also passed this onto my friends who have introduced them to their families and kids who have also loved them.

For this process you actually start with a regular hotdog. The idea is to cut each end into four long legs. With 2 cuts on each side intersecting at 90 degrees but parallel to the length of the hotdog. See the pictures to help you out. Cut about an inch to two inches down the hotdog from each tip. Now, place the stick through the hotdog in the middle and place above the flame to slow cook it (if you can wait) or just almost in the flame to speed things up if you like to live life on the edge and are the black marshmallow type.

You will see it start to work as the ends slowly curl out and create these curly legs. Kids (and adults) love watching this happen. You may need to turn the spider over to make sure all of the legs get curly. When you think it is ready, eat each leg one at a time. You will know when you have cooked it to perfection when they are crispy! Just dip them in ketchup or mustard if you need to cover that black bbq taste. I like them on their own, especially when cooked just right.

Bonfire spiders are so good you will find yourself sharing the legs with everyone around the fire and being stuck with the middle part of the hotdog, which is still good, but not the same. Be prepared to make more and enjoy! Next time you are having a fire at the cottage make sure to pick up some hotdogs.


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Kyle H.

Kyle H.


Each weekend my wife, baby and I climb into my Chevy Colorado... aka the white sheep… aka the cottage vehicle and drive up to the cottage in hopes to make it up before the sunset or in time for a quick ski or for dinner. We are really hoping to fit in all three! But, if we don't get it all in Friday night, we still have the rest of the weekend to do that plus… play games, BBQ's, see friends and family, campfires, swimming, skating, tobogganing, beers, pranks, boating, cliff jumping, rope swings, water falls, river rides, fire works, relax and so much more! I love the cottage and everything that goes with it.