Let’s talk about rainy days at the cottage… what to do? You could head home early, you could watch a movie, or play a game, but maybe you just did that yesterday? Maybe… you should go for a drive in cottage country and find those hidden gems you have always wanted to visit or even find new ones that you never knew existed.

On Sunday, we did just that. We found some great places to visit but also some spots that were closed. The closed locations will be an adventure for another day and maybe even when we are up on holidays. The ones we saw will be my stories for you now.

Our day started off slow with a decision to head into town for breakfast and eat a heart stopping breakfast that I would later regret, but will for sure order again. Potatoes topped with scrambled eggs and sausage then covered with gravy and cheese. Mmmmmmm! It’s called the Woody Scramble and you can try it at this location: woodyburger.com

O-kee-doe-kee, off to the chocolate factory so my son and mother-in-law could stock up on my….(oops) their weakness. Smother that beautiful tasting chocolate in ketchup and my two and a half year old son would be in heaven and no one would ever sleep. All joking aside, this is a regular stop for my family. Check them out: http://www.worldsfinest.ca/en/fund/category/resource_about_outlet

Now we are ready to get onto the story I wanted to share with you. You may have seen or heard of Healey Falls. It is part of the Trent Severn Waterway. I’m sure you know of the historic 386 km waterway of locks, lakes and canals but more detail is available at www.trentsevern.com. Healey Falls is lock 16/17.

We like to visit Healey Falls because it includes a double lock (that is huge) a hydro power station (like a mini Niagara Falls) and tremendous rapids over the falls. The rapids are especially fantastic in the spring. But, what we saw during this visit, is not something many boaters or cottagers will have witnessed. We were shocked to see that there wasn’t a drop of water running over the falls and the river bottom was empty. On top of that, the lock was closed and empty on the bottom side. The drop is huge on a regular day let alone now with an empty bottom. Don’t walk that bridge if you get vertigo! The river is so empty on the lower side that you wouldn’t even be able to paddle a canoe up to the lock door because there is so little water. This waterway always officially opens up on Victoria Day weekend in May and we have passed that date. Why has this happened? Is there not enough water? Are they saving water elsewhere for the Pan Am Games? I don’t know. Tweet, Instagram or Facebook #thecottagefront and let me know what you think after you check out these pictures.

Anyway, so we returned to our rainy day adventure and kept driving down the river and into Campbellford, about 11 km from Healey Falls. We parked at the cable bridge at the south end of town located near locks 11&12 and walked across it. It’s a little bit of a crazy experience walking 30’ up over rushing water. You are able to see it all directly below you through the open metal floor of the bridge. Yes, the bridge does bounce and sway a bit. If that quick walk isn’t enough or you want to make a full day, the other side of the bridge has some beautiful walking paths.

For me, it was worth the drive to see and learn about this area and our destinations. I will definitely go back on a sunny day to experience it all again.


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Kyle H.

Kyle H.


Each weekend my wife, baby and I climb into my Chevy Colorado... aka the white sheep… aka the cottage vehicle and drive up to the cottage in hopes to make it up before the sunset or in time for a quick ski or for dinner. We are really hoping to fit in all three! But, if we don't get it all in Friday night, we still have the rest of the weekend to do that plus… play games, BBQ's, see friends and family, campfires, swimming, skating, tobogganing, beers, pranks, boating, cliff jumping, rope swings, water falls, river rides, fire works, relax and so much more! I love the cottage and everything that goes with it.