It was a beautiful Saturday morning, wife and kids were still asleep, coffee was on and the only thing you could hear was the sound of the bird’s chirping, the chipmunks running around on the deck and the loons in the distance.

I poured my coffee, quietly walked out the door and started my ascent up the 100 stairs to my truck.  I was on my way into the Dorset Timber Mart.  I love nothing more than to jump in the pickup, head into town and get what I need for a day’s worth of work for our on-going DIY cottage project we started just over a year ago.

It was at the halfway mark up the steps to the driveway when it happened, what every guy dreads as he is on his way to the lumber yard, where he can buy tools, wood, or whatever else he needs to make him grunt like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, I hear “hey, where you going?”

My heart sank, stomach turned and I cringed as I replied “ to the lumber yard?” “wait for me” she replied.

That was it!  My day was over.  All week I had thought about what I wanted to do, what I wanted to get and my quiet, peaceful drive into the lumber yard to load up on materials to putter the day away and it was at that instant I knew my day was now hers.

As I grinned and said “ok great, I’ll wait in the truck” my mind was racing wondering what I was in for today.  As she climbed into the truck smiling I said “why did you want to come with me”, she said “I want to redo the outhouse”.  Being on a bit of a budget I thought to myself, “What the …. Would we do that for”.  My theory is you only need to do one thing in there and as long as its clean, why do I need to spend money to make it pretty.

I pulled into the lumber yard, barely put it in park and out the door she went.  So instead of walking in, feeling manly, square pencil behind my ear, tucked into my dirty work hat, I’m following my beautiful, magazine carrying wife into the man zone, where all the guys that are doing what I wanted to do, are now staring at me like I’m wearing her pink tool belt and I know they are saying to themselves “ that guy is gonna be broke by the time she’s done”.

I was nervous, worried and wondering how much the picture in the magazine was going to cost me and all to make a small outhouse “Pretty”.  She wanted an outhouse that people enjoyed going to.  LMAO!!!!!  Whatever, if it keeps her happy….

Well….with the help from the ladies at the Dorset Timber Mart I did not do that bad.  A few sheets of 4×8 bead board, some finishing nails and quarter round I was on my way back and all for about $200.  The best part of this was I had my day’s worth of puttering lined up and although not exactly what I wanted, she was happy, which meant I was happy.

See…when she is happy with what I’m doing to improve our DIY Cottage, I’m left to work, I get fed like a king, I get a cold beer brought to me without even asking and I have nothing but the sound of tools to distract me.  HEAVEN!!!!

After about 6 hours of cutting, re-cutting, some profanity flying and a whole lot of DAB for my not so perfect mitre cuts I was done!  I had turned our slightly un-attractive but clean outhouse into a beachy, spa like, poop getaway.  Some may say almost ZEN like.  Me…I say for $200 and a day’s worth of work I bought myself another year that I don’t have to break the bank and install a septic system.

At the end of it all, I need to thank my wife for her desire to make everyone’s outhouse experience at our little cottage a memorable one.  Great work Lise and thanks for letting me join you on your mission!!!

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