Dooher’s Bakery

Dooher’s Bakery has to be one of my all time favourite cottage destinations! Everything in this place is fantastic to taste and very reasonable in price.

Our favourite item as kids was the doughnuts. Even the ones cut in half like a little sandwich of cream can be included in your dozen at the regular rate. They have other flavours too like chocolate, maple, maple walnut, duchies, apple fritters and more. These doughnuts were so special to us as kids that we gave them their own name: the Dooher’nut.

Now as an adult I can’t go in without filling a whole bag of things. They have delicious pies, tarts, cookies, and so many types of nice homemade bread and buns.

DoohersAt little research tells me that the bakery has been open since 1955 and is owned and operated by the Dooher family. They believe in using their own recipes (without stay fresh additives) that really taste like homemade goodness because they are.

The spot is always bustling with lots of people but with lots of friendly helpful staff we never wait very long. The best selection is in the morning but there is some replenishing done during the day.

Find them at 61 Bridge Street East in Campbellford, Ontario. Get Directions. Also visit them on Facebook. They are open Monday-Saturday from 7am till 5:30 and closed on Sunday. Friday nights they stay open till 6pm.

Stay tuned for other fun tasty destinations in this town. I’ll be back for more.

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Laurie H

Laurie H


For me, I have never known life without a cottage…so I consider myself lucky. It’s a place where friends are like family and there are lots of adventures, tradition, and excitement. I was a true cottage kid who loved to swim, catch frogs, climb trees, water ski, play ball, campfires, picnic on an island, watch the stars, and all of the events our cottagers association put on. As an adult it has become more of a place to get away from the busy city and relax. Now that we have started a family I am so excited to be a cottage kid again and experience all of the adventures and more all over again.