So, if you have never put your boat in Stoney or Clear Lake they are a must to visit and have lots of history. For our trip we launched at the marina on Youngs Point – just above the lock there. Next, we sailed up Clear Lake past Church-on-the-Rock (all opened up for a wedding) and met a gaggle of Dippies who were celebrating their clubs 35th anniversary with a cruise. These boats are fascinating and have a great history. I will talk more about them in another story as they deserve a lot more detail but take a look at how neat they are all together in the picture.

As the trip continues we made our way through Hell’s Gate and turned west for Burleigh Falls. Burleigh Falls is a great place to go in for lunch, dinner or snacks and to explore the rapids. The locks are right behind the falls if you would rather pull in there for a picnic and watch the boats come in and out. As a reminder, don’t park your boat in the blue paint area of the docks as that is a sign you want to pass through the locks.

On this particular day we were lucky enough to ride with the Trent Severn Antique & Classic Boat Association as my father-in-law is a member and has a beautiful 1963 Peterborough Handy Boy. We selected this stop for a picnic as they have tables to eat at and washrooms at the lock.

After lunch we ran back down Lower Stoney, past Viamede where the Dippies were staying, and into Upper Stony. We passed the Irwin Inn (a nice family spot with an old dinning room) and then over to an island cottage to visit the Wooten’s for a coffee. Last was a quick visit to MacCrakens Landing for some ice-cream, picking our way around the shoals surrounding Juniper Island, and then on our way back to Church-on-the-Rock and then south down Clear Lake to Youngs Point and our haul out.

It was a great day full of beautiful boats, landscape and sun. You could take all day in these lakes or a couple of hours. It’s up to you (and how much you want to see) but do use charts if you are spending much time on Stoney Lake because as it’s name suggests, the are lots of rocks. In the end, a splendid time was had by all and all of this in a 50 year old boat with a 56 year old motor – not to mention the driver! Good thing we had Ryder to average out the ages.


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