Heading into this summer, I decided I want to keep my wooden boat out of the water when I’m not at the cottage. But how? My plan was to build a boat ramp out of whatever material I had available and find the perfect spot on the shore.

Our lake drops about 4 feet over the course of the summer and more drastically in August. To build a boat ramp for current water levels is one thing, but when the water drops, I don’t want my boat a foot out of water hanging above the rocks. What to do? Ahhh, we’ll worry about that later… I guess.

Let’s build the damn thing now!

Luckily, my father-in-law had some spare rollers in his junk boat gold mine. My Dad had some scrap wood lying around and I had a winch in my garage (left there by the previous owners). The only thing I had to buy was a hook and rope. I even had some old carpet for the ramp as well. Now I’m not saying it’s the best looking ramp, but it gets the job done.

My Dad and I built a rectangle with four supports running side to side. The runners went on the first three supports and the back sides were built a little higher and covered with carpet to support the back of the boat. We built a tongue that runs from the middle of the rectangle to about 6 ft past the front of the rectangle. From there, we secured a post at the tip of the tongue with the pulley on it, keeping it about level with where the eye is on the bow of the boat.

Only thing left to do was test it out. I swam the boat over and my Dad winched it up as I guided it. As it rolled up and into place, my Dad and I looked at each other…

Holy crap! It worked!

Good for us. It even rolled back down.

I will fill you in later on what happens when the water goes down and we need to build part two. Stay tuned!

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Kyle H.

Kyle H.


Each weekend my wife, baby and I climb into my Chevy Colorado... aka the white sheep… aka the cottage vehicle and drive up to the cottage in hopes to make it up before the sunset or in time for a quick ski or for dinner. We are really hoping to fit in all three! But, if we don't get it all in Friday night, we still have the rest of the weekend to do that plus… play games, BBQ's, see friends and family, campfires, swimming, skating, tobogganing, beers, pranks, boating, cliff jumping, rope swings, water falls, river rides, fire works, relax and so much more! I love the cottage and everything that goes with it.